Our matchless global knowledge of the security solutions market with specialized skills in commercial security put us ahead of other players in this increasingly complex and diversified security risk marketplace. Our promoters are first class brains with quality working experience both public sector {Nigeria Police force} and private sector {Banks}


Private Security Companies are on the increase all over the world due to some factors that can, at least partially explain the trend. These are;

  • Growth in and fear of crime, which drives individuals and organizations to enhance their security in order to protect themselves more effectively
  • The inability of the public police to provide the services that people and organizations demand
  • The growing risk of terrorism, which means that greater protection, is required at places at risk from such attacks.

Drawing from our near 40 years’ experience in security industry, we identified the six core functions of private security company in ensuring the protection of lives and properties in Nigeria. Private Security companies are crime, threat and risk prevention organisation assigned to protect specific people and property. So fundamentally, the job duties and responsibilities of a security firms are not the same as a Nigeria Police. Instead, security companies are in the prevention business. It is the job of a security firm to act as a deterrent to crime, to watch for impending danger and to report crimes they may encounter. Security firms are paid to only protect specific people and property while the Police (peace officers) are paid to protect all people state (citizens of a State) and all property and enforce laws and order. Therefore, the basic essential function, roles and responsibilities of private security company in Nigeria is as follows:


Protection of your people whilst travelling through services that include: travel risk assessments, intelligence based on key geo-locations, location based training, global executive protection and transportation, immediate access to response services. Transit engagement around the world is full of security challenges such as kidnapping armed robbery etc. and our continent is badly hit with this menace with Nigeria leading the pack, therefore the need to make available watertight security arrangement to guide against safety related issues in road travel such as; close protection, Armed guarding, meet and greet events, emergency response etc. our company ensure safety of its clients who seek customised and highly professional security on the go. Our methods is to provide 24hour of the seven days risk analysis with adequate response per second.



Services may include mobilisation of armed or unarmed security support, surveillance and investigators, and are designed to help organisations prepare to respond rapidly and effectively to incidents. Physical presence is a huge factor in security, we recognise this at Beechfield, hence we build a world class man guarding outfit with physical presence in our clients locations to provide professional guards with equipment to connect to our security hub. Our guards are deployed as specialist in different areas of business segments e.g finance houses, manufacturing, oil & gas, facilities, critical infrastructure, health care, government facilities & infrastructure, aviation, maritime etc.



Our focus in risk management is central to our core service of provision of risk advisory, critical assets solutions, business solutions and home solutions. The integration of methods, men and machine, in providing effective risk management is key to our success as we respond to a continuous, volatile and open world.


The provision of professional drivers, journey management coordinators, security escorts and the management and monitoring of transportation arrangements across different geographies



We offers cyber security technology and digital technology solutions. We deliver security solutions through a proven security lifecycle system that includes architecture design and review, security implementation, optimization and integration into business processes


Beechfield is a learning institution that demonstrably shapes enterprise security risk management in the digital space via education, research, strategy, policy and thought leadership. We train and re-train in all aspect of security management and solutions. Our graduands become well-grounded, and industry sought after assets in security management circles.
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We have the competence to diagnose, develop, deploy, manage and strategically solve our clients' business security challenges and add value to their businesses through provision of holistic professional security


As people satisfy the safety needs, they often find security devices uninteresting. Meanwhile Beechfield team believe you should have fun with security devices; hence we have source collections of wholesale security gadgets right from factories of the manufacturers in USA, South Africa, China and Europe. We have experience and resources to procure and supply logistical support for our customer’s mission (short term or long stay) and assist identifying best suitable locations for offices, accommodations, ground transport, Airport meet and greet and trans- portation, Guest house services and administrative support
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